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Steve Batkin

Steven Reginald Batkin was born in Stoke-on-Trent 'The Potteries', Staffordshire and throughout the 1960's observed what he then thought was a rigid and stable British and English culture. Only two decades previously the global banker funded Second World War had taken place with the catastrophic mass slaughter of European youth. From 1945 onwards Europe was put under permanent military occupation which we were told was necessary to prevent any further bloodbaths. This was done through an organisation called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which Britain is a prominent member. With the advent of time many of the European nations developed what they called a European Union, whose leaders appeared to espouse democratic values. The main political parties in Britain all agreed to the fundamentals of this union of varied European cultures and still do to this day. The majority of British people have for decades voted to support the integration of Britain into Europe on the basis it will stop wars and be economically beneficial. On the surface surely this all seems like a good idea!


Unfortunately Steve's young mind had been well and truly fooled by a political establishment which controlled all Britain's mass communication systems. Not only was naive young Steve living in a fantasy world but so were the masses of people with whom he shared the environment. He developed an interest in wildlife and this encouraged a general interest in the world we live in and the will to read many books. Of course while passing through the school system the traditional brainwashing techniques were foisted upon young Steve to try and keep his mind tricked. Steve said: "The local political establishment Member of Parliament (MP) occasionally visited the school and bored the kids to tears about how we fought a war for freedom, democracy, our right to choose our own destiny and other such ridiculous nonsense." Even as a teenager young Steve began to realise something was not quite right but what was it? This took a few more years and a coincidental meeting with somebody before the whole thing fell into place. Steve said in a sad tone of voice: "Unknown to the general public is an establishment of super rich multi billionaire global bankers, who have formed an oligarchy thus controlling the political system not just in Britain and its former empire but also in Europe and the world in general. Britain's central Government is nothing short of a bunch of hirelings, who are ultra keen to carry out the bankers' will, in the hope they can get even more money out of the system. Local councils are completely dominated from London's central Government and have very little power; in fact the councillors who represent the establishment parties at the council are constantly trying to impress London in the hope there might be something in it for them. To be perfectly honest the whole thing is a groveling, sickening and thoroughly deceitful mess, where regular arguments take place, over very small amounts of money."


Steve Batkin became a public elected Stoke-on-Trent City Council councillor in 2003 and decided to represent the community on a full time basis; it's very unusual for a person who is under 65 years of age to do this. Steve served two terms of office at Stoke-on-Trent City Council between 2003 and 2011. Steve's City Council income was means tested and he therefore worked full-time for an allowance, which equated to somebody who was not working. Nevertheless Steve got on with it and believed it was worth the sacrifice. Steve comments: "To me the political establishment does not want the community to have any genuine political opposition; this has been proven by the fact that the State means tests full-time councillors, therefore not paying them properly; they have also recently reduced 60 councillors to 44 at Stoke-on-Trent City Council." Steve firmly believes: "The British media should be put into the hands of elected community groups from a cross section of society, not banking war criminals and their bought off media staff who use it for promoting wars and controlling elections." Steve's main political objectives are to encourage the formulation of free speech residents' groups, especially groups which have no funding from the State because this means they can't be bribed and blackmailed as easily. Steve comments again: "What better time than now to form genuine independent free speech residents' groups, when as a nation the bankers are currently introducing financial cut backs on the people ".

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